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    Kuidas ma tean, kas minu väljamakseviis toimib?

    It usually takes less than 5 business days for a new payout method to be able to receive payouts. When your payout method's status updates to Ready, it will be able to receive payouts.

    If your payout method isn’t working, it may be pending or have an error:

    • Pending: If you just added a payout method or updated an existing one, we’ll send an email when it’s all set up.
    • Error: Sometimes you may need to update a payout method or add more info. If a payout method isn’t working, you can remove it and try adding it again, or add a new one.

    Note: In some countries, we'll confirm your account info by depositing a small amount (less than $1 USD) before sending you a payout. We usually do this when a new payout method is added.

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