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    Teade eramajutuse ettevõtlusena pakkumise seaduse kohaselt (eluruumides ettevõtlusena majutamise seadus) (Minpaku)

    Please obtain a notification number by performing the notification procedure required for conducting private lodging business (minpaku).

    As you may already know, the Private Lodging Business Act came into effect on June 15th, 2018. In order to keep your listing in Japan, hosts are required to perform the notification of private lodging business and obtain a notification number.

    You can find detailed information, and other relevant details, at the Minpaku System Portal Site set up by Japan Tourism Agency:

    Minpaku System Portal Site(Japanese)

    Minpaku System Portal Site (English)

    You need to update your listing page.

    You need to complete the notification of private lodging business and add your notification number to your listing page*. Listings without a notification number will be removed until this process is complete.

    *Please log in to your account and complete the process of adding the number. You need to directly log in to your account and complete the adding process, even if you usually use management tool, etc. provided/operated by a third party.

    If you have a license for an inn/hotel business, etc.

    If you are hosting based on a business license under the Inns and Hotels Act, or permission under the National Strategic Special Zones Act, you can enter those details instead of adding your notification number.

    Inquiry and preparation regarding the notification procedure

    The following links and information may provide you with a good starting point for your inquiry and preparation regarding the notification.

    • Minpaku System Portal Site set up by Japan Tourism Agency: Please see above.
    • Minpaku System Call Center established by Japan Tourism Agency: Found at
    • Notification preparation checklist: You can download this PDF checklist (Japanese) to check if you have all the required documents for the notification.
    • Articles on the notification: You can find commentaries on the notification written by lawyers at site).
    • Seminars on the notification: Home Sharing Lab organizes "Seminars on the Private Lodging Business Act - Let's Learn from Experts" (free of charge), with administrative scriveners (行政書士) belonging to the SATO Group (external site), acting as lecturers from January to March 2018 in number of locations all over Japan. Registration in advance is required to participate in the event. You can find the schedule and details of the events at (external site). *Please note that some details are subject to change.
    • Learning and understanding through video:SATO Group offers a video clip on YouTube titled "Learning the Private Lodging Business Act from Administrative Scriveners" (external site).
    • Telephone consultation on the notification:SATO Group has established a call center where you can ask questions about the Private Lodging Business Act directly to an administrative scrivener - SATO Group Call Center (external site). Tel: 0570-030-310 (10:00-17:00 (subject to change) Japan time, weekdays only). Please use the service after agreeing to the following conditions.
      • The call center is independently operated by SATO Group. Airbnb cannot respond to any inquiries on legal and/or tax matters. Airbnb is not responsible for outcomes of the consultation.
      • It is a Navidial service. You will be charged for the telephone fee (About 10 yen per 20 seconds).
      • A time limit applies when multiple calls are received at once.
      • SATO Group may not be able to answer all your questions.
      • The call center will not make inquiries to government offices, etc. on behalf of you.
      • SATO Group cannot answer questions about tax matters nor questions about certain legal matters reserved to attorneys-at-law under the Attorney Act.
      • SATO Group provides only such legal information that is readily available at hand as of the time of consultation free of charge.

    • Community center at
      • Hosts can exchange information on legal compliance matters among themselves.
      • We will post answers to questions raised by other hosts at seminars on the Private Lodging Business Act hosted by Home Sharing Lab as well as relevant columns, etc.

    • Special websites set up by SATO Group (all external sites):
    • Information on laws and regulations and on contact numbers for inquiries to government offices: You can find information on the Private Lodging Business Act, its enforcement order, its enforcement ordinance, related public notices and guidelines as well as contact numbers of government offices for telephone inquiries compiled at the Website of Japan Tourism Agency.
    • List of contact details of local government offices for inquiries: Available at

    Complete the notification procedure and be a member of Home Sharing Community. You can register as an Airbnb host from your Airbnb account.

    You can also find detailed information on Airbnb host registration steps at (external site).

    Note: Airbnb is not responsible for reliability nor for accuracy of information contained in the linked sites (including links regarding laws and regulations).

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