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    Guests who book Airbnb listings that are located in the City of Amsterdam, Netherlands will pay the following taxes as part of their reservation:

    • Tourist Tax: 10% of the listing price including any cleaning fee for reservations in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For detailed information, please visit Amsterdam’s government website.


    Guests that book an Airbnb in Haarlem, are subject to the following local taxes:

    Automatic tax collection by Airbnb

    Will my payouts be affected?

    No. The tax(es) will be charged to guests.

    How do you know what tax(es) to apply to my listing?

    The tax(es) applied will be determined by the address you have entered for your listing. Please double check the details of your address in the Manage Your Space page to ensure you have entered a complete and accurate address for your listing. Airbnb will not be responsible for any tax collection errors due to a typo in the address.

    How can I see the amount of tax collected on my behalf?

    The amount is displayed in the Gross Earnings tab of your Transaction History.

    How will you be remitting tax on my behalf?

    We will be filing one tax return per jurisdiction with the total combined reservation revenue for all Airbnb bookings in the area. This means that all hosts will be represented by one payment amount, and we will not be providing your personal information on the return. We may provide your personal data only in cases where we receive a binding request by a competent authority pursuant to applicable law, including data protection laws, and our Privacy Policy.

    Until recently, I’ve been collecting tourist tax(es). Airbnb will start doing this in the near future in my city. What do I do now?

    You’ll no longer need to collect this tax for transactions completed through the Airbnb platform from guests who book their reservation on or after the launch date.

    Are there other taxes that I need to collect?

    You are responsible for understanding and fulfilling all of your tax obligations. For a summary of the taxes collected by Airbnb for a listing, visit the Manage Your Space page and click Local Laws. Our system determines which taxes are applicable by the address you enter for your listing. As always, you must be upfront about any such taxes with guests before booking.

    Do I have any other tax reporting obligations?

    You may be responsible for other tax reporting obligations. Please contact your respective taxing authorities for more information on what these obligations are.

    Do I have any other obligations related to my listing?

    You may be responsible for complying with local rules and regulations that apply to your listing. Please contact your respective local government agencies for more information on what these obligations are.

    Find out how occupancy tax collection and remittance by Airbnb works or contact your local tax authority for more details.

    Note: Hosts located in cities where Airbnb automatically collects the tourist taxes are responsible for assessing all other tax obligations, including state and city jurisdictions. Hosts with listings in these cities should also review their agreement with Airbnb under the Terms of Service and familiarize themselves with the Occupancy Tax provisions which allow us to collect and remit taxes on their behalf and explains how the process works. Under those provisions, hosts instruct and authorize Airbnb to collect and remit Occupancy Taxes on their behalf in jurisdictions where Airbnb decides to facilitate such collection. If a host believes applicable laws exempt the host from collecting a tax that Airbnb collects and remits on the host's behalf, the host has agreed that, by accepting the reservation, the host is waiving that exemption. If a host does not want to waive an exemption the host believes exists, the host should not accept the reservation.

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