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    Kuidas ma saan oma Airbnb Plusi fotosid üle vaadata ja muuta?

    After you successfully complete any updates to your place that help it meet the program’s design standards, we’ll send you a preview of your new Airbnb Plus listing. Here, you’ll see your new photos arranged by room in an immersive photo tour. This photo tour is designed to give guests a full overview of the listing, complete with highlights and amenities listed by room.

    Removing or editing your photos

    To maintain the Airbnb Plus photography style across all listings in the program, all Airbnb Plus listings are required to use only the photos taken during your professional photoshoot.

    You can request to change the cover photo for your listing at any time. To request a change, either before or after the listing is published with Airbnb Plus, simply log in and go to Manage your Space in your hosting dashboard.

    To request a change to your cover photo: Select Edit and then choose Request photos. Our pro photo team will review the photos from your photoshoot and provide additional options for you to review. Choose a new horizontal photo, vertical photo, or both, to set as your new cover.

    To edit or delete photos: Go to your immersive photo tour and select Edit. Then choose a room and select Edit photos. Unselect any photos you’d like to remove, and then click Save.

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