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    Miks lülitatakse nutikas hinnakujundus välja, kui piirkondi mõjutavad katastroofid või muud hädaolukorrad?

    We may temporarily turn off Smart Pricing to prevent extreme price changes and comply with local laws during events like natural disasters, emergencies, or political unrest. Even if your listing isn’t in the directly affected area, we may still turn off Smart Pricing if prices for listings in your area are being influenced by the event.

    We’ll notify you by email when we turn Smart Pricing off, and again when we turn it back on. The length of time that Smart Pricing is turned off depends on the event.

    When Smart Pricing is turned off, your prices stop adjusting automatically, but you can manually change your price for any date on your calendar. When setting your prices, make sure to follow local pricing laws, which may apply in areas affected by emergencies.

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