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2 min walk TAMACHI/MITA *3 BEDROOM*2min walk from Mita station of Tokyo metro 2min walk from Tamachi station of JR 15min walk Tokyo Tower 3 double size beds (Including sofa bed) Pocket wifi

#ASS_Room201 新築 / 浅草駅徒歩9分 / 最寄駅2分 / 2ベッド/高速Wifi/
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#ASS_Room201 新築 / 浅草駅徒歩9分 / 最寄駅2分 / 2ベッド/高速Wifi/浅草から徒歩9分、東京スカイツリーから徒歩10分、本所吾妻橋駅徒歩2分、2020年2月完成の新築マンションの2階の1部屋貸切タイプの宿泊施設です。 東京の人気観光スポット(浅草・スカイツリー)へ徒歩圏内で行け、また最寄駅( 本所吾妻橋駅)から徒歩2分と大変交通の便に優れています。羽田空港駅にも最寄駅から直通で50分、成田国際空港にも約1時間10分と空港からのアクセスも優れています。 新築マンションで建物・部屋も綺麗です。家具・家電も新品で揃えております。鍋やフライパン、食器類も揃っているため長期滞在でも安心です。 駅・スーパー・ドラックストア・コンビニ・外食店が徒歩5分以内なので、便利にお過ごしできます。 近隣やマンションの屋上からスカイツリーを眺めることが可能です。 新型コロナウィルス対策として、部屋・共有部に除菌作業を行っております。

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YANAKA SOW STANDARD TWIN / Wifi equipped・A 7-minute walk from Nippori Station on the JR Line ・A 7-minute walk from Sendagi Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line ・Located in Yanaka where the historical townscape from the Edo period still remains ・A 5-minute walk to Yanaka Shopping Street, and enjoy walking around Yanasen! ・Spacious room with kitchen accommodating up to 4 people ・Prepared wifi, and it is ideal for work! ・You can ask the staff for advice on how to walk around Yanaka and the history and culture of the town.

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  2. Ota City
PATRIE OHMORI Ⅱ / Near Haneda / Comfortable office
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  2. Sumida
New Double Room in Tokyo: Skytree & Asakusa 602
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  2. Minato-City
Near Shibakoen&Tokyo tower☆Maisonette type
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  2. Shinjuku City
nestay inn tokyo kagurazaka 202
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  2. Shibuya City
☆【Haruyama INN】新宿へのアクセス抜群!最大6名様!☆
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  2. Nakano City
Shinjuku 4 min rongiga! Hubane privaatne eramaja koos pesitsemise ja kodutöödega! Tasuta wifi!
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  2. Shinjuku City
Shinjuku gyoen mae 2min#airport45min#2rooms Max8P
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  2. Setagaya City
SHIMOKITA STAY6 / Shimo-kitazawa Perfect location
  1. Kogu üürikorter
  2. Sumida City
  1. Kogu üürikorter
  2. Shinjuku City
Kolm minutit Ikebukurost! Lõõgastav apt#201
  1. Kogu loft
  2. Shinjuku City
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  2. Ota City
【C type】Modern Apt./Direct to Haneda Airport

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Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Origami and the Essence of Japan
    This is a rare opportunity to learn Origami with cultural backstories from a Tokyo local. It is a creative and fun experience perfect for corporate team building as well as family or friends get together! Origami is a traditional art of paper crafting from Japan. Precision and dexterousness that are required to fold a piece of paper is CONCENTRATING as well as THERAPEUTIC. This provides you a time to relax and share a common creative experience with people who you care. And you will create cool or lovely shapes by yourself. You can't get the same experience on YouTube tutorials because Manami shares not only how to make Origami, but also its history as well as Japanese culture and values behind the shapes. You will choose a few Origami from options with different skill levels. Manami will demonstrate folding step by step, emphasizing important skills. If anyone has questions or requests, she can stop to help anytime. 1. Manami introduces herself and the session 2. Manami asks one guest to introduce the group 3. Manami explains the options and confirm with the group which ones to fold 4. Manami demonstrates folding each origami step by step with her second camera showing her hands spotlighted 5. For traditional options, Manami talks about their background and related cultural stories 6. You can ask any questions or make comments during or after the session
    Alates Hind:€10 inimese kohta
  • 練り切りアート講師とお餅スイーツづくり
    お餅の作り方をお伝えしながら、お餅を使ったレシピを2品作ります。誰でも簡単に楽しく、和菓子づくりを楽しめます。 まずはホストの自己紹介と教室のご紹介、そしてお餅とはどういうものか、日本の行事との関わり合いを例にご説明いたします。 次に- 三色団子(お団子に色をつけます)を作ります。こちらのお餅は茹でて作ります。 そのあとは電子レンジを使って二種類のお餅デザートをつくります。 いちご大福(いちご以外のフルーツでもOKです)と お雪見大福(アイスクリームはお好みのものをご用意ください)です。 お餅は食べても美味しい、こねて作る工程も楽しいので、この体験を通して和菓子への興味が広がってくれると嬉しいです! 一緒に会話を楽しみながら美味しい和菓子をつくりましょう。 こちらの体験はお誕生会や大人数のグループレッスンや会社・団体のチームビルディングなどに最適です。カレンダーにない日にちのリクエストもお受けしています。 バレンタインに作ってプレゼントするのもいいですね! 予約が完了しましたら、体験で使用する材料と道具のリストをお送りします。参加前までにご準備をお願いします。 この体験は対面でもお楽しみいただけます。 「見た目も華やかな和菓子教室」 その他の留意事項 電子レンジを使って調理をします。 電子レンジをお持ちでない場合は蒸し器を使いますので事前にご連絡ください。(蒸し器を使う場合は20分プラスで時間がかかりますのでご留意ください) あんこが手に入らない場合は、ご自身でも作れるレシピを送るので、参加前にご準備をお願いします。あんこの代わりになるものでも構いません。
    Alates Hind:€24 inimese kohta
  • Origami Fun with a Japanese Instructor
    * Great for virtual gathering for groups of up to 30. Please contact me for customizations (e.g. 30/45-minutes) or to request a time/date not listed. Origami unites people and creates happiness, resulting in peace and smiles all around the world. I have found myself origami is quite versatile: easy to start, stimulating imagination and creativity, calming mind. I will run the session with much love of origami, which is interactive and includes joking. I hope all of the guests having smiles and laughters, which make me happy. I'll give you a handout pdf for the class in advance for your reference. In the class, let me give you a virtual tour of my place Tokyo suburb and show you some amazing origami works with some stories I have learned through my 10 years of experience. Then I'll teach how to fold some attractive origami works: easy and fun, just relax with having a cup of drink :-). Using origami paper you prepare, you'll be walked through each step of folding. You'll have three or four origami works completed in the class. Let's have fun with Origami and add more smiles to the world! Meet you soon :-)
    Alates Hind:€16 inimese kohta
  • Become a Ramen Expert
    You'll finish this experience as an EXPERT on Japan's most popular soul food, RAMEN! This experience is great for groups, including for team-building! How many ramen shops are in Tokyo? When exactly was ramen invented? At the Ramen "Rookie" level, you'll get to know this and more, as we go over all the basics. From here, we'll crank it up a notch - a Ramen "Conversational" level of difficulty. We'll dive deeper - taking a virtual ramen tour at one of Tokyo's most famous ramen shops. While there, we'll discuss how to best enjoy ramen - like a true local. This will include how AND what to order via the ticket machine (when there's no English), as well as ramen do's and don'ts. We'll also get to see how the ramen is prepared, behind the scenes and in their kitchen! As part of the last level of difficulty, Ramen "Expert", I'll give some pro tips on how to make an easy soy sauce seasoning, or just upgrade your instant ramen at home. Lastly, we'll watch a mouthwatering video with 19 amazing Tokyo ramen shops (including in popular Shibuya). You can bookmark these for your next Tokyo trip! At the end, an interactive Q & A session will allow for any lingering ramen questions. Please reach out if you don't see a convenient date and time in the calendar. I'll create a new one for you! Other things to note - Please note that the cost is per person (not per screen)
    Alates Hind:€11 inimese kohta
  • Japanese Healing Songs by Romantic Guitar Solo
    During this 45 minute online classic guitar session, I invite you to take part in an age-old Japanese Shinto custom called “Naorai”. Naorai is a banquet held after Shinto festivals and ceremonies, and originally had the purpose of breaking the fast to going back to normal day-to-day life by eating and drinking together. I believe we can virtually recreate the spirit of Naorai by substituting music for food and sharing our own sounds. After introducing ourselves to each other, you can indulge yourself in the sounds of the 19th-century guitar as I play widely-known guitar masterpieces, as well as a Japanese nursery rhyme. At the end of the session, I’ll wear a Noh mask and improvise a song, which you are welcome to join me and jam out together. It doesn’t even have to be a musical instrument, play whatever and however you feel like playing; If the action of grinding coffee beans makes you focus, that’s the instrument for you. So, let's sharing live music together! This experience will be held live online. Other things to note You’ll need an internet connection and the ability to stream audio and video to participate. A link and details on how to join will be included in your booking confirmation email.
    Alates Hind:€16 inimese kohta

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